Saturday, 1 February 2014

Spring Trends 2014!

Hey All!

First, a huge congratulations to us all. 

We made it through January. 

New Season, new fashion and beauty trends!

New York Fashion Week is in full swing, defining the trends for the beautiful season that is, Spring! 

 Orange is set to big huge this season! 

This vibrant, fiery colour has been seen all over Springs 2014 Ready-To-Wear shows!

So whether you decide to wear orange, head-to-toe, or simply have it as a pop of colour on your lips or nails, be sure to include this colour in your outfits this Spring!

Happy 1st of February everyone! x 


  1. Lovely piece, this is good I love me some orange!! x

    1. thanks! be sure to check out the giveaway x

  2. I love colors and ORANGE is a nice options for spring!!
    Nice Blog:)
    The Beautiful Eagle's Blog

    1. Thank you! Check out the giveaway on this site too:)x