Monday, 27 January 2014

Hair Artist Pink Hair Chalk!

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So the other day I was in Topshop and picked up this pink hair chalk!

I have recently dyed my hair a chocolate brown colour, I wanted a natural colour to give my hair more depth and look fuller and healthier! 

I am trying to grow my hair to my waist, it currently sits on my chest. So, I am not going to be dying my hair again for quite some time!

This pink hair chalk was €6 in Topshop!

First of all.. This stuff is super messy! So I would advise to wear gloves

I started by spraying a Heat Protecting Spray on the section that I wanted to colour. 

I then ran the piece of chalks through my hair to get a vibrant pink. 

This was my finished result. 

I found that the chalk made my hair feel dry and it became very tangled!

The pink also stained my hands and neck..

However the pink in my hair did show up quite well considering the fact that my hair is quite dark. 

I personally think that this product would work best on someone with blonde hair, although it does work for brunettes too!

Overall, a fun but very very messy product!

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