Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year!

I'm just going to keep this short...
Happy New Year to everyone! 
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Happy New Year, darlings!x

Last minute New Year party makeup!

For this look we are going to be using Urban Decay's Naked 2 palette.  

Step 1: Start off by priming your eyes with your favourite eye primer, this ensures that your eye makeup will last all night!
Step 2: Sweep suspect across all of the eyelid. 

Step 3: Place half baked on the outer corner of your eye and blend inwards.

Step 4: Mix YDK and busted, and blend into your crease. This will give your eye depth and adds interest. 

Step 5: This step is optional, depending on your personal preference. Place a small amount of blackout on the top and bottom lash line. This will make your lashes appear much longer. This step also creates a smokey effect. Apply a generous coat of mascara to your lashes. Alternatively, you could use false eyelashes.

And you're finished!


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Skincare: Organic Snail gel!?

Organic snail gel.. Not as disgusting as it sounds, I assure you! This beautiful gel supports skin repair, it is soothing to the skin, anti-aging and moisture repairing, not so bad,eh? 

Dr. Organic Snail Gel has the amazing benefits of Helix Aspersa Muller, which is a unique substance that a snail produces to quickly regenerate it's own shell and skin when damaged. This, combined with Aloe Vera and a blend of other organic, bio active and natural ingredients effectively hydrates and sloothes the skin. 
Other ingredients such as lime oil, lemongrass oil and litsea Cubeba oil, give this gel a beautiful citrus scent. 
This product feels great on the skin, and results can be seen after the first use. 
It is rather pricey at about €25 for a 50ml pot, but the results are amazing.

Favourite Powders!

Two powders I've been loving in 2013 are Rimmel London's Stay Matte Long lasting pressed powder and the raved about Bourjois Paris' Bronzing Powder. These beautiful powders are perfect for everyday use and can be found in all drugstores. 

Rimmel London's Stay Matte Long lasting pressed powder promises to give up to 5 hours of natural shone control. The powder also helps to minimise the appearance of pores, giving your makeup a beautiful matte finish. This powder is perfect for applying over your makeup to set your concealer and foundation. This powder gives every look a flawless finish. Mine is in the shade 001: Transparent, I feel that this shade works the best and matches my skin tone perfectly! A definite must have for anyone looking to build up there makeup collection, and for just €5.99, a complete bargain!

Bourjois Paris' Bronzing Powder, not only smells good enough to eat with its chocolate scent, but also gives a beautiful, natural sun kissed effect. There is a slight shimmer in this powder, giving an immediate boost to your complexion! I like to sweep this product across my cheekbones, to add some definition, as well as to my temples and neck, giving my face a more slender appearance. This is my all time favourite bronzing powder as I feel it is the most natural looking, and most effective on the market. 

I will definitely be repurchasing these 2 products in the New Year!

Monday, 30 December 2013

Rimmel London Lipstick Review!

006: Pink Blush
This beautiful lipstick from Rimmel London is a perfect shade to carry you through all four seasons. This shade saw a lot of use in 2013 and will definitely be repurchased..again!! The packaging is minimal, and classic. This lipstick gives a gorgeous pale pink, adding a flush of colour to the lips. The formula is very moisturising and unlike many lip products, it does not dry the lips or crack throughout the day. A definite beauty must have for 2014!

Benefits They're Real! Review

Benefit's, They're Real! mascara recieved a lot of attention from beauty gurus everywhere. Of course, I had to try it. I will not lie, I had great expectations for this product. For a mascara, it was rather expensive.. However, it did offer long, thick lashes.. So, of course I was intrigued. When I applied the product, however, I didn't get the "wow factor" that I was expecting.. I feel that there are many drug store equivalents that do the same job, if not a better job at making my lashes appear thicker and longer. My experience with They're Real! was not horrible, I just didn't feel like it lived up to its promises. 

However, the brush shape did mean that every lash was coated evenly, and there was little, or no clumps throughout my lashes. Overall, not a bad product.. But not a product that I shall be repurchasing either. 


If you guys have any questions or requests, just leave them in the comments below and I'll get back to them all!:)

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette Review!

I introduce to you.. The Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. This palette consists of 12 beautiful and versatile colours. The Naked 2 palette had been on my wish list for months, after I read many bloggers raving about this holy grail product. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it! Needless to say, I was thrilled on Christmas morning when I woke up to this beauty and many other goodies. I spent hours experimenting with this palette, and trying different looks. The colours in this palette are shimmery and richly pigmented which I love! 

The palette comes with an eyeshadow brush, one end for application and the other, for blending. The brush is very soft and makes the application of the eyeshadow a piece of cake! 

The palette also includes Urban Decay's "Lip Junkie". This small lip product promises to "cool and plump" the lips. 

This palette is perfect for anyone looking for a high end product, that you will get great use out of, as you can create so many looks with just one palette! All you need is a bit of imagination! 

from left to right: foxy, half baked, bootycall, chopper, tease, snakebite, suspect, pistol, verve, YDK, busted, blackout. 

Topshop's Lip Bullets!

from top to bottom: heartbeat, joyride, back in the game, wine gum. 
With their quirky names and simple packaging, as well as beautiful, rich colours, I had to have these lip bullets, from Topshop. I feel that they are must have for every girls makeup collection! These lip colours are so richly pigmented and very moisturising. They are easy to apply, however I did find it rather tricky applying wine gum, as it is such a striking and dramatic colour, mistakes show up very easily. However, once I achieved the perfect pout, I recieved endless compliments on my daring choice of lip colour. Alternatively, you could use a lip brush to apply these colours, for a precise finish. The 4 colours I picked up are so versatile, and all very different. A definite repurchase!
from top to bottom: heartbeat, joyride, wine gum, back in the game. 

Barry M's Natural Glow Palette Review.

This beautiful palette consists of 6 subtle eyeshadows and a gorgeous pastel pink blush. The idea behind this palette is to "enhance your natural glow"and I found that it did just that! I picked this up in River Island, and for just €8, it was a steal! I found the colours were very pigmented and easy to work with. The colours in this palette had a very subtle shimmer and all the colours were very wearable, perfect for creating a natural day time look or even a dramatic, night look. The stunning pastel pink blush is perfect for adding colour to the cheeks, giving a beautiful flushed look. I feel that this product is perfect for someone looking to build up their makeup collection, and for just €8, a complete bargain! 
Overall, I loved this palette!

Hi All!

Good evening beautiful people and welcome to my blog! I understand that there are so many beauty bloggers out there, and I am merely a very small fish in the huge ocean that is cyber space! I would love to share my love for beauty and fashion, with you wonderful people. I love nothing more than experimenting with makeup, trying new looks and being bold when it comes to fashion. I'm a real bargain hunter and love finding little gems in the most unlikely of places. I feel that clothes and makeup is one of the greatest forms of self expression and you can learn a lot about a person by the way the dress. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I will post frequently about my two passions; fashion and beauty!