Monday, 30 December 2013

Topshop's Lip Bullets!

from top to bottom: heartbeat, joyride, back in the game, wine gum. 
With their quirky names and simple packaging, as well as beautiful, rich colours, I had to have these lip bullets, from Topshop. I feel that they are must have for every girls makeup collection! These lip colours are so richly pigmented and very moisturising. They are easy to apply, however I did find it rather tricky applying wine gum, as it is such a striking and dramatic colour, mistakes show up very easily. However, once I achieved the perfect pout, I recieved endless compliments on my daring choice of lip colour. Alternatively, you could use a lip brush to apply these colours, for a precise finish. The 4 colours I picked up are so versatile, and all very different. A definite repurchase!
from top to bottom: heartbeat, joyride, wine gum, back in the game. 

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