Monday, 13 January 2014

Iced Tea!

Hey All!

As you will be aware, I am doing the Worlds Largest Juice Detox. For this detox, you are supposed to cut out no tea or coffee! 

However, you can drink green tea or naturally caffeine free tea!

First, I boiled fresh water and added to this jug. I also placed a metal spoon inside the jug. This stops the glass form shattering as the metal will conduct the heat. 

I then added 3 tea bags of Knightsbidge Redbush tea.

I then added a spoonful of honey and 3 slices of lemon to my jug. 

I allowed the tea to brew and left it in the fridge overnight!

This drink is perfect for having throughout the day when you are craving a cup of tea or coffee! 

Serve it hot or make a beautiful iced tea by adding ice cubes!

And it tastes delicious!

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